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Anne shooting on HOPE STREET

playing the role of Doreen White

Britbox Hope Street Trailer:

The third series of HOPE STREET, the continuing daytime drama from Northern Ireland, created by Susanne Farrell and Paul Marquess.

The focus of the series is a fictional small town on the Ulster coast and the men and women who police it. As a result, we’ll spend a lot of time in the police station – and we’ll get to know and love the characters who work there. The third series will continue from where series 2 left off, combining traditional long-running serial narrative with a quirky, compelling self-contained crime story in each episode, meaning that it will appeal to both soap fans and crime fans. The focus on ordinary crime – and everyday policing – will guarantee that the series feels relatable and relevant to audiences far beyond Northern Ireland. Our aim is to continue to create a long-running drama series that plays across the UK, North America and all over the world. Alongside the crime stories, we’ll construct much bigger, longer emotional arcs.


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