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A brilliant young Manhattan chef is compromised by New York's most successful mortician into opening a restaurant. Raymond Babchuk's food obsession began as a young boy in Hungary and followed him as a lonely New York immigrant. With food the only positive in an unconventional childhood, those early years served as an apprenticeship for an international award-winning career as a chef. However ambitious and daring, a difficult genius, Raymond's world is changed forever when he opens his new remarkably unconventional diner. Whilst the meat supply is highly suspect the restaurant is an overnight success. In this black comedy - reality meets the surreal. Restaurant Incarnate becomes one of the city's favorite "in" places visited by the good and great. How sure are you of the meat that local diner opened up near you is serving? Did you check its source? And is that cut really tenderloin or something else very rare? The business can't last - can it? In the meantime, try getting a table there! Now a writer of several books and series, Haute Cuisine is the first novel by Barney Broom and it has been critically acclaimed. A compelling adult listen for those attracted to eccentric black humor combined with an interest in both mystery and cooking. An alternative listener's choice for lovers of comedy, humor, fiction, satire, food and drinks, drama, and romance. Original whilst unconventionally fast paced and seriously funny. About Barney Broom: Barney is also the creator of the Podric Moon series, set to become an iconic best seller story, that will continue to take listeners through unnerving and intriguing events reliving history via virtual reality. As we learn more fascinating details about Podric and his modern 21st-century life, we also relive the American Civil War, JFK Assassination, the first man on the moon and we even get to travel to ancient Rome to meet Julius Caesar. In the Adventures of Podric Moon, Barney Broom transports us back to momentous events in history reliving them with a completely new perspective, through the eyes of an incredible modern days teenager's mind.

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