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Lauren appearing in PASS IT ON.....

at Theatre 503.


Written by Writers from the Yellow Coat Theatre Company Collective

Directed by Directors from the Yellow Coat Theatre Company Collective

Pass It On Let them know. No one left behind.

Women and non-binary people of this world survive on a network of unheard conversations. Secrets passed from mothers to daughters, between friends, to colleagues, in the passing glances with strangers. What are these words? What happens when we amplify them? What would it mean to put them on stage?

Join Yellow Coat Theatre Company for their showcase of emerging writers, performers and directors.

Yellow Coat Theatre Company is a cross-generational, female-led theatre collective. Our work focuses on celebrating experiences of people from marginalised genders through innovative and energetic theatre. The creative team is comprised of mother-and-daughter duo, Caron Kehoe and Emma Lamond, along with returning members of the collective, including Fiona White and Claire Marie Perry.

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