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Michael appearing in CARE & REPAIR...

with his twin brother John Cooke. Michael has written, directed and stars in the film.

Care & Repair (2023) short film review

September 20, 2023 By Jolly Moel 1 Comment

The curiosity and stupidity of three friends lead them towards an impossible scenario that goes from bad to worse, pushing the boundaries of family and friendship. in Michael Cooke’s debut short film, Care & Repair. Back in 1994, future Oscar winner Danny Boyle gave us his debut film Shallow Grave, a cult classic that has had a lasting legacy on British cinema and beyond. The film was a critical and commercial success and launched Boyle’s career as one of Britain’s most acclaimed directors. Set in Glasgow Shallow Grave was a darkly comedic thriller about three friends who discover a dead body and a suitcase full of money in their flat. They decide to keep the money and dispose of the corpse, with deadly consequences. With his own debut short, writer and director Michael Cooke has followed the Boyle blueprint to give us his own black comedy with Care and Repair, which also follows the trials and tribulations of three friends in Scotland. Stevie (played by our director Cooke), his brother John (played by his real-life brother John Cooke), and Neil (played by Hunter Bishop), are all handymen and they are ensconced by their gruff boss to clear the home of an elderly gentleman. After a lot of banter and a little bit of work, an accident occurs that leads our three friends toward some deadly consequences and some big decisions.


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