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Morgan working on WITHNAIL & !.....

at Birmingham Rep with Sean Foley directing.

We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here and we want them now!” – Withnail

Birmingham Rep presents the premiere of a new stage adaptation by Bruce Robinson of the iconic comedy Withnail and I.

Regarded as one of the finest British films ever made, this Rep Original comedy is written by its original creator, the legendary Bruce Robinson, and directed by The Rep’s Artistic Director, double Olivier award-winner, Sean Foley.

London, September 1969, the sixties are in full swing, rock ’n’ roll has electrified a generation, and bohemianism rules.

But, away from the bright lights two young unemployed actors, the flamboyant, boozy Withnail, and the shy, contemplative Marwood live in utter squalor in a flat in Camden Town, praying for a job.

Their only visitor is their drug dealer, Danny; their only expeditions are to the local pubs; and their only friends each other.

Needing a break from the positively atrocious state of their acting careers, they hit upon the idea of a holiday in the country, and borrow the cottage owned by Withnail’s wealthy Uncle Monty. Will escaping London reinvigorate their addled brains and kick start their professional fortunes?…

Hilarious, tragic, and wild, Withnail and I, is a comedy like no other. This stage adaptation brings to life the classic dialogue, the insane situations, and above all the boozy, irresistibly hilarious relationship of one of the most famous slacker duos ever created.


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